Meetup – Hill Walking for Health – The Devil’s Glen

Walk 1st Dec 2018

There had been plenty of rain during the night and it was still falling as I walked the dog at 06:30 hrs! I had expected the weather to clear by meet-up time so I wasn’t too concerned. And it did!

I had gone to bed the night before with a list of 42 […]

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Meetup – Hill Walking for Health – Circuit of Laragh

17th Nov 2018

The day started overcast with loads of cloud, pretty high generally but with a mist covering most of the summits in view and somewhat limiting the visibility. It was like this for the duration of the walk and then, would you believe it, the sun came out when we were going home after […]

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Meetup – Hill Walking for Health – Dun Laoghaire – Dalkey – Killiney

Walk 3rd Nov 2018

Dun Laoghaire – Dalkey – Killiney

Sandycove Harbour – 3rd Nov 2018


The weather forecast at the decision time for what route to choose for our walk, was challenging. Everywhere in our normal geographical area look wet, or potentially wet! But then, lo and behold, […]

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Meetup – Hill Walking for Health – Brockagh Mountain

Walk 20th Oct 2018

Brockagh Mountain Loop.

I triumphed (not D Trumped!!!!) over the weather forecast for the day, which was for cloud cover, and we enjoyed magnificent sunshine, wall-to-wall, all the way, just like last Sunday! And again, like on the last Meetup walk around Vartry resevoirs, the fabulous […]

2018-10-23T14:05:25+01:00By |Uncategorized|0 Comments – Hill Walking for Health – Scarr Mt. – 2nd Sept 2017

It was a beautiful sunny morning with a light SW breeze. The group size was 17 including two new members.

We started the loop route at Oldbridge, L. Dan just before 10:30 hrs and headed in an anti-clockwise direction to scale Scarr Mt (641m), up the NE spur. As we ascended, the clear visibility allowed the […]

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The Importance of a Good Lifestyle for Better Health – 3

As I explained in ‘The Importance of a Good Lifestyle for Better Health – 1’, after I had retired from my first (main) career, I became interested in the importance of good diet in the quest to minimize the risk of ill health – ‘the greatest risk we all face in life’! I was introduced to three […]

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The Importance of a Good Lifestyle for Better Health – 1

From the time I left school until my late 30’s, I did very little exercise other than sailing. I ate anything available or put in front of me, in reasonable quantities, and in early adulthood, enjoyed quite a lot of beer! I was very fortunate to have experienced good health generally and only a suggestion […]

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