Nothing beats the sheer freedom of walking in the hills and breathing in the fresh air whilst taking in the views of the magnificent scenery surrounding you.

Hill walking will make you fitter faster as it tends to be a much more vigorous cardiovascular exercise than walking on the flat.

In addition to improving your cardiovascular fitness levels and reducing your body fat through aerobic exercise, hill walking offers additional benefits that you will not get by pounding away on a treadmill in a gym. Primarily, there is the fresh air you inhale. Then the fact that you are surrounded by nature can often be more motivating than being stuck in the confines of a gym. The therapeutic benefit and the relief of stress are incalculable and certainly should not be underestimated. Walking amidst the natural environment can often give one ‘breathing space’ to think and to release tension naturally. If one sets oneself challenges each time one ‘takes to the hills’, this can also help build one’s self confidence.

Undoubtedly, the fitness level derived from regular hill walking will enhance the body’s immune system which in turn, will give added protection from many common ailments and even more chronic conditions over the long term.

STRESS – a further word about the damaging effects of negative stress on the body.

Stress begins in the brain, with a surge of hormones causing intense alertness. In this hyped state, it is difficult to relax or sleep. Furthermore, our minds cannot function at this extreme level for prolonged periods. Eventually, the hormone surges and exhaustion causes tension headaches, irritability, aggression, inability to concentrate and memory loss. Unchecked stress can also trigger depression. Stress suppresses the hypothalamus, the emotion control centre in our brains, curbing the production of the hormones that energise us and make us feel well.


In regard to stress management, you may find the the following website page interesting:


Watch your diet for your health’s sake!

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I have no hesitation in recommending David for safe & enjoyable hill-walking…

I have been hill-walking regularly under David’s leadership for almost a year now, and I could not wish for a better leader. He is a very experienced hill-walker, with a comprehensive knowledge of walks for all levels of experience in the Wicklow Mountains. He gives sound advice on equipment & clothing, which is tempered by […]

John Lynch

I am capable of more challenging walks and am undoubtedly fitter…

Thanks to David Crawford I have returned to recreational hill walking in the last year. It has proved to be an easy route to that feeling of health, fitness and bon-homie that makes us all feel good. David leads all of our walks which are organised with meticulous care and carefully chosen both to match […]

Michael Kelly

It has been a lot of fun and a great way to get some healthy exercise…

I would like to express my thanks to you for the planning and organisation in getting us out and about on the Dublin/Wicklow mountains.  It has been a lot of fun and a great way to get some healthy exercise. I look forward to the next walk and to seeing some more of the beautiful […]

Jonathan Carroll

How lucky are we hill walkers, to have David’s enthusiasm…….

How lucky are we hill walkers, to have David’s enthusiasm, good humour, expertise and inspirational encouragement to lead us through the most amazing Wicklow walks. His love of the hills is infectious.  His in-depth knowledge of the walks is so reassuring and one feels in safe hands at all times.  I loved his constant refrain that […]

Mary Delahanty

I had a great sense of achievement at the end of each day…

The hotel was charming and the choice of walks perfect. It was wonderful the way each walk was so different and built up gradually to the final impressive climb. I know that did not happen by accident and was impressed by, as most of us relaxed by the pool, you were reading up on the next day’s adventure[…]


David Crawford’s obvious love for and enthusiasm about hill-walking in Ireland’s most beautiful locations is infectious…

David Crawford’s obvious love for and enthusiasm about hill-walking in Ireland’s most beautiful locations is infectious. His in-depth knowledge of all hill walks, both well-trodden and those less well known, makes him an ideal guide and mentor. When the above is taken in tandem with David’s emphasis on safety and concern that even the least […]

Debbie Horan

It is a great way to exercise and socialise at the same time…

Not being a ‘hill walker’ I was intrigued when I first heard about the walks, but having completed nearly all of them I am ‘hooked’. It is a great way to exercise and socialise at the same time. I was impressed by the organisation, with nothing  left to chance.  Whether one is an amateur or […]

Marlene McNulty

Thank you for a most wonderful adventure to Mallorca…

Just a note to thank you for a most wonderful adventure to Mallorca. I am still enjoying the afterglow of the four days spent trekking. From before we left on Thursday 9th May to our return on the 14th, I was on a busy cosseted roller coaster. I was one of four new people to […]

Mary Forrestal

When you walk with David you get a great understanding of the surrounding environment…

David Crawford has been the Leader of our walking group. He manages the Group, produces the walking routes and provides very clear directions. He is very conscious of weather conditions, suggests suitable equipment for each outing, brings emergency support/survival equipment. When you walk with David you get a great understanding of the surrounding environment and the […]

Richard Strahan

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