Walk 1st Dec 2018

There had been plenty of rain during the night and it was still falling as I walked the dog at 06:30 hrs! I had expected the weather to clear by meet-up time so I wasn’t too concerned. And it did!

I had gone to bed the night before with a list of 42 who said they were coming walking today. This number did not concern me either because usually, a number do not turn up for one reason or another – and some without any! Unusually, one was more ‘honest’ than most – the reason given being: ‘because of the weather’! The norm is: ‘I slept it out’ or the ‘night before’ etc, etc.

Now, as every experienced hill walker knows, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! Every day is a good day for hill walking! I do admit however, it’s nicer in the sunshine! (This is the reason I don’t announce the location until two days before the event as I am searching for the sunshine up until then!)

As it happened, 31 participated in the walk and were treated to a feast of fresh air and great exercise in great company.

After all the rain of the week before, the walk venue was chosen for its natural beauty and the likely spectacle of the principle feature – the waterfall on this section of the Vartry River! As the excellent photos show, it was a great choice! Well done to the photographers who highlighted so many wonderful micro-sights whilst the majority of us, including the author, walked by oblivious to them, being satisfied with the beauty of the overall ‘bigger picture’! Following are a few samples to whet your appetite.



Of course, although they say ‘a picture says a thousand words’, there is nothing as good as seeing a great sight in real time! Come walking with us and see for yourself!

We covered 9.5 kms in 2 hrs 45 mins and then adjourned to Avoca, Mt. Usher for some of their excellent soup and chowder!