It is now eight (8) months since I took Mark Sisson’s advice and started to go shoeless as much as possible. From the outset, I limited myself to practicing this indoors at home. It is five (5) months since I acquired my Vibram FiveFinger Shoes and again at Mark’s advice, I started to wear them around the house to allow my feet get used to them. Since the start of May 2017 (1 month ago), I have started to wear the Vibram’s outdoors and so managed approximately two weeks (during the month) without wearing shoes (just my FiveFinger Vibrams) for most of the time, except when hill walking!

What a positive difference it has made! The pains have reduced by about 80%. The remainder is probably arthritis in my big toe joints due to the pressure on them from the fallen arch syndrome. But I can feel the strengthening in my feet and am able to ‘work’ my toes in my shoes or boots to manage and minimize any pain whilst walking, mostly when on the mountains in the boots. There is virtually no pain during normal walking! As for the other pain points, including corns and the like – they have all disappeared or healed! I am now a converted shoeless walker and Vibram FiveFinger shoe user!

If you are experiencing foot issues, or even if you are not, I can highly recommend  that you check out Mark Sisson’s advice to go shoeless as much as possible and use of Vibram FiveFinger shoes to maximize the opportunity.