Recommended Clothing

The basic requirement for hill walking is good sturdy footwear. I always recommend ankle high, waterproof boots. Equipped with these, together with gaiters, you will keep your feet dry and have good ankle support. You will be able to go almost anywhere and not have to worry about where you must put your next step! Without this basic equipment, you will limit your opportunities and experience.

Having said that, people do venture out with less and get away with it! However remember, in bad conditions when you are cold and wet all over the rest of your body and your feet are also cold and wet, that is where hypothermia will first seep into the body!

I have listed some of my recommendations for clothing items, equipment and general tips and tricks to make your walks more fun.

What is the best boot to get? If they fit your feet and your wallet(!), I recommend Meindl, which I believe are the best!

Some recommended hill walking boots:

You should use two pairs of walking socks, a light 1st layer and thick outer layer. Here are some that I recommend:

Gaiters protect the lower legs and stop debris and water from entering the boots.

Waterproof fleece-lined hat and gloves for winter walk and a sun hat for the summer walks are essential!

  1. Towelling Sports Scarf – to prevent rain running down your neck!
  2. Other clothing should preferably be made of synthetic fibre. This is much more comfortable to wear when wet (be it sweat or rain!) compared to natural fibres. DO NOT WEAR DENIM!
  3. And for after the walk – a change of clothing! Very important – it helps to make you feel famous!

Recommended Equipment

Once you are dressed properly to tackle the weather conditions, there are a few items that you could carry for added safety or for small emergencies, should they arise. Throughout my years of hill walking I have used these items and they can be extremely useful.

Two walking poles (€25 – €35 each – more expensive not necessary)

  1. Ordinance Survey map – (Discovery Series) Sheet 56 – Scale 1:50,000 for Wicklow – take a look at the OSI online store here
  2. East West Mapping – Wicklow Mountains Series – Scale 1:30,000
Silva Map reading compass – a model which includes the 1:50,000 scale.

If possible, a hand-held GPS is very useful as using a map and compass in the wind and rain can be tricky. GARMIN has a  super range to chose from, including ones with touch screen operation. You should have the map and compass with you as well – just in case!

Whistles are a great and simple way of attracting attention if you are lost or in difficulty or if you have simply been separated from the group – just in case! The mobile coverage can be unreliable in some areas so these can definitely come in useful.

First aid kit for those small emergencies that you can deal with yourself.

Recommended Care Products

When you invest money in proper equipment for your hill walks, you need to take care of  the leather products and I recommend the Renapur range of leather care products.

Recommended for sustaining yourself on the walks

  1. Water (water bag with drinking tube is very convenient).
  2. Snack (not supplied!).  Suggestions – dried fruit & nut mix, fresh banana, apple, chocolate (you will burn off the calories!). Sandwich if desired.
  3. For winter walking – a hot drink is very comforting.

It has been a lot of fun and a great way to get some healthy exercise…

I would like to express my thanks to you for the planning and organisation in getting us out and about on the Dublin/Wicklow mountains.  It has been a lot of fun and a great way to get some healthy exercise. I look forward to the next walk and to seeing some more of the beautiful […]

Jonathan Carroll

I had a great sense of achievement at the end of each day…

The hotel was charming and the choice of walks perfect. It was wonderful the way each walk was so different and built up gradually to the final impressive climb. I know that did not happen by accident and was impressed by, as most of us relaxed by the pool, you were reading up on the next day’s adventure[…]


How lucky are we hill walkers, to have David’s enthusiasm…….

How lucky are we hill walkers, to have David’s enthusiasm, good humour, expertise and inspirational encouragement to lead us through the most amazing Wicklow walks. His love of the hills is infectious.  His in-depth knowledge of the walks is so reassuring and one feels in safe hands at all times.  I loved his constant refrain that […]

Mary Delahanty

I have no hesitation in recommending David for safe & enjoyable hill-walking…

I have been hill-walking regularly under David’s leadership for almost a year now, and I could not wish for a better leader. He is a very experienced hill-walker, with a comprehensive knowledge of walks for all levels of experience in the Wicklow Mountains. He gives sound advice on equipment & clothing, which is tempered by […]

John Lynch

When you walk with David you get a great understanding of the surrounding environment…

David Crawford has been the Leader of our walking group. He manages the Group, produces the walking routes and provides very clear directions. He is very conscious of weather conditions, suggests suitable equipment for each outing, brings emergency support/survival equipment. When you walk with David you get a great understanding of the surrounding environment and the […]

Richard Strahan

It is a great way to exercise and socialise at the same time…

Not being a ‘hill walker’ I was intrigued when I first heard about the walks, but having completed nearly all of them I am ‘hooked’. It is a great way to exercise and socialise at the same time. I was impressed by the organisation, with nothing  left to chance.  Whether one is an amateur or […]

Marlene McNulty

I am capable of more challenging walks and am undoubtedly fitter…

Thanks to David Crawford I have returned to recreational hill walking in the last year. It has proved to be an easy route to that feeling of health, fitness and bon-homie that makes us all feel good. David leads all of our walks which are organised with meticulous care and carefully chosen both to match […]

Michael Kelly

David Crawford’s obvious love for and enthusiasm about hill-walking in Ireland’s most beautiful locations is infectious…

David Crawford’s obvious love for and enthusiasm about hill-walking in Ireland’s most beautiful locations is infectious. His in-depth knowledge of all hill walks, both well-trodden and those less well known, makes him an ideal guide and mentor. When the above is taken in tandem with David’s emphasis on safety and concern that even the least […]

Debbie Horan

Thank you for a most wonderful adventure to Mallorca…

Just a note to thank you for a most wonderful adventure to Mallorca. I am still enjoying the afterglow of the four days spent trekking. From before we left on Thursday 9th May to our return on the 14th, I was on a busy cosseted roller coaster. I was one of four new people to […]

Mary Forrestal

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