Why Vibram FiveFinger Shoes? In The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, in the chapter on ‘The Primal Blueprint Exercise Laws’, under the heading ‘Happy Feet’, Mark deals with foot issues and foot care.

He says:

‘Constantly wearing shoes during exercise and daily life leads to weakened feet, fallen arches, shortened Achilles tendons and calf muscles, imbalances between the hamstrings and quadriceps, an inefficient gait and of course, recurring pain and injury!’

There was my problem in black and white – wearing shoes constantly for over 60 years and hill walking every week (bar exception) for 28 years, has led to the re-emergence of painful foot issues over the past year!

Why should this be the case?

He explains:

‘Shoes and particularly typical athletic shoes, provide substantial support, cushioning and general protection to your feet. They also immobilize your feet inside the shoes. Hence the complex network of 52 bones (a quarter of the total in the entire body!), dozens of tendons, ligaments and small muscles cannot work their magic to provide balance, stability, impact absorption, weight transfer and propulsion’.

His answer: Go shoeless as much as possible! Why? To build up the strength in your feet to make them to work properly!

To assist in the rehabilitation of one’s feet, Mark also recommends Vibram Five Finger ‘shoes’. These help in the transition to more shoeless activities.

I liked what he said, did my research and am now using this unusual footwear with great effect! The relief and improvement of my foot issues is significant!

However, I am following Mark’s advice carefully and building up my foot strength gradually. After all, it will take time to correct the damage of over 60 years of wearing shoes – and mountain boots every week for 28 of them!

If you are experiencing foot issues, why not read The Primal Blueprint first before agreeing to surgery (as was suggested for me!) or any other corrective suggestions!

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