As I explained in ‘The Importance of a Good Lifestyle for Better Health – 1’, after I had retired from my first (main) career, I became interested in the importance of good diet in the quest to minimize the risk of ill health – ‘the greatest risk we all face in life’! I was introduced to three books each of which made a huge impression on me and caused me to modify my eating habits and make some other lifestyle changes. I now consider each of them to be my lifestyle reference guides, or ‘bibles’! I highly recommend them to all who have an interest in following a healthy lifestyle.

My third lifestyle ‘bible‘:

In ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis, a renowned cardiologist and health expert, shows that wheat is the culprit in modern diet that leads to obesity and a myriad of other health issues.

He believes that the increased consumption of this genetically altered thing called modern wheat – explains the contrast between slender, sedentary people of the 1950’s and overweight twenty-first- century people!

Furthermore, a complex range of diseases results from consumption of wheat, from coeliac disease – the devastating intestinal disease that develops from exposure to wheat gluten – to an assortment of neurological disorders, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, curious rashes and the paralysing delusions of schizophrenia.